Mar 7 – 9 | WORKSHOP: Improvisational Performance with MAGPIE (Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi)

Improvisational performance breaks the framework of preset choreography and challenges the artist to be the creator/composer/choreographer and the performer at the same time; to be the doer and the observer simultaneously. It is about learning ‘The Eye': of the space, of the watcher and essentially the eye of work being created.
The workshop is oriented towards building skills of performance presence, timing, tracking and conviction of choice/action. It focuses on developing skills to interpret dynamic space and creating one’s own performance frame. While Katie aims to explore novel and rigorous approaches to body work, Alfredo will explore ways of extending the sonic palette and musical choices in order to find a new vocabulary. The main focus lies in reaching a state of surprising oneself.
The workshop will be structured into body work, activity-based sessions, performances and a jam.
Katie and Alfredo will guide the workshop group as a whole to experience degrees of real-time dialogue and equally contribute to feedback for the dancers, performers and musicians. This work will make you ask essential questions on the true nature of the performer and creator within.
With this workshop, Dance Dialogues travels to Vaibhav Arekar’s new space in Kandivali (W). Address below.
Dates: March 7 – 9, 2014
Time: 4 – 7 pm
Venue: Sankhya Institute of Performing Arts,
             off Mahavir Nagar Link Road,
             Opp. Siddhi Sai Temple,
             Ekta Nagar, Kandivili (W), Mumbai.
Workshop Fee: INR 3000
Register by calling 98920 94052 or by writing to us. Registration confirmed only on payment.
Facilitator Bios
Katie Duck has been a professional performer and maker since the early 1970’s. She has been a hugely influential figure in the improvisational performance scene internationally, inspiring generations of performers, musicians and performance makers. She set up the widely acclaimed Gruppo in Italy in 1979 and toured Europe with a host of productions. She has collaborated with renowned dance and improvisation music artists form all over the world. Katie’s career has included independent teaching, university teaching, set choreography’s, structured improvisations, music and dance real time performances and live streaming international performances Her collaborations have been with musicians, visual artists, lighting designers, dancers, actors and comedians.
For more information on her work please visit:
Alfredo Genovesi is a free improvisational electronic guitarist. Using an artillery of pedal effects, electronics, found objects, external sound sources and shifting guitar tunings, he constructs a multi-layered and complex sound world. Beyond his solo performance, his versatility as a sonic improviser has led to collaborations with theatre, dance, television, film, animation, performance art & educational workshops. In Spring ’07, Genovesi relocated from London to Amsterdam and is now an integral and respected contributor to the free improvisation and music/dance scene.
For more information on his work please visit: