Aug 20-21 | WORKSHOP: Moving Stories

In collaboration with Dance Union, we invite you to the workshop ‘Moving Stories’. This is a communication-based workshop especially designed for dancers. Moving Stories encourages dance practitioners to express their aspirations and helps them develop strategies to achieve their goals.

The workshop arose from requests by dancers who needed to connect to themselves and the community. A space was needed for dancers to talk about our concerns and experiences. Moving Stories is a small step in this direction – to create an open space where dancers can build ties based on honest communication.

Through a series of individual and collective tasks, the workshop enables dancers to:
. Gain inner clarity and confidence.
• Identify and express their needs as professionals
• Explore ways of fulfilling these needs
• Move towards experiencing connections and a sense of being part of a community

Moving Stories workshops have been conducted for over two years and nearly 50 dancers have benefitted from this workshop. For more information and testimonials about the workshop do visit our webpage:

The workshop is open to dancers/ movers from ALL BACKGROUNDS and encourages dancers from Indian Classical dance, Contemporary, Folk, Latin, Hip-Hop, Ballroom and other forms to register.

Contact 98920 94052 to register or write to us at