Dance-Dialogues_V2_HiREs-01_new-name1.pngDance Dialogues is an initiative that works with dance makers and dance lovers, helping them connect with provocative and diverse ideas, individuals and institutions, towards informing their practice in multi-disciplinary ways. Since 2011, Dance Dialogues has worked with the movement arts community, primarily in Mumbai, by formulating extended training programmes for artists and facilitating structured peer sharing opportunities for new and evolving choreographic work.


To promote the understanding of dance as a richly layered practice that shares perforated boundaries with other art forms.


Dance Dialogues will set up and invigorate a network of creative spaces that bring together dance makers and dance lovers to nurture multi-disciplinary collaborations that enrich dance practice in India.


  • Providing infrastructure to dancers to rehearse, research and connect with new concepts, collaborators and mentors.
  • Intensifying dancers’ conceptual and theoretical understanding of their own practice.
  • Networking with like-minded initiatives to create a proactive environment of support for dancers across India.


Bombay’s dance scene is fractured by its peculiar geography and that common chasm between the classical and the contemporary. Add Bollywood to the mix and the question of a community is even more fraught. About a year ago, a few dancers in Bombay were stirred into action by the need to find a supportive space where they could share their ideas and work with peers. ┬áMost compellingly, there was the simple yearning to enable gatherings that trigger conversations on dance. A sense of community. And that is how Dance Dialogues was born.

Dance Dialogues was founded by Mehneer Sudan and Ranjana Dave. It is presently run by Avantika Bahl.